#FreeMastering #RTcontest

Let’s try a little something here.

This blog post should end up over in my twitter feed at https://twitter.com/DecibelMaster.

For every follower that retweets this post’s accompanying tweet, they’ll be entered into a drawing for free mastering of a song with up to 2 revisions. I’ll allow one retweet entry every day between today and 6/15/13 at 8pm Eastern.

To win you:
– must be registered on Twitter (preferably with real contact info so I can find you after you win)
– must follow @DecibelMaster

That’s it.

To sweeten the pot here…if we exceed 10,000 followers by the end of the contest I’ll make it 30 minutes of free mastering, and if we blow this whole thing away and reach 25,000 followers, I’ll do a whole CD (or 70 minutes of some other format) for free.

Remember you get an entry credit for one retweet each day, but the more you retweet and the more followers we get here, the bigger that prize gets.

And if you happen to use your girlfriend’s account to increase your odds, that’s cool…she can transfer the prize to you if she doesn’t have a band. Someone is getting a free mastering job out of this still.

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Dangerous Bax EQ

Hopefully this can be my last addition for a little while. Everything is working together well and I’m certainly not lacking anything in the analog chain. I still have wish list items out there, but long wait lists with the builders make those a bit easier to wait on.
Lets get this thing wired in and make some sweet sounds.


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Maselec MLA-3

I’m very excited about this new piece. It will prove itself as a very flexible tool offering tone shaping capabilities at 1:1 settings on the compressors, but also giving me another dynamics option through the other compressor responses. With options to link bands into a common behavior or control each on their own, I can use it to tighten up low end, address de-essing situations, or use it as an overall program compression. With the option of soloing each band I can also narrow in on exactly what is happening in each movable band. I’m excited to dig into this one.


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Assembled Desk

This feels like a significant moment. I now have a place to work once the surrounding room is ready. It’s killing me not to load it up with gear, but I still have to get a floor down and it will be so much easier to move without 2-300 lbs of electronics in it.


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Buzz EQ

My equalizer arrived today. I had to get it out to see it but I can’t wait to keep it out and put audio through it. The room needs mostly finishing work at this point. My power conditioner should be here Monday. It is all so close.



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Making Progress

One corner of acoustical hanger bass control is complete. I hope to get the other rear corner completed today. Electric is run and will be hooked up tomorrow. Speakers are here. Amp arrives tomorrow. Cables within the week. The audio desk should ship today. I now have 10 bags of rock wool insulation taking up a substantial part of my work area, but once the electric is complete it will be filling the framing instead of my floor.
It’s coming together.


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Converters – check

With the arrival today of the Antelope Audio Eclipse 384, I can officially say I’m done thinking about converters for a while. Actually I can expand that to include clocking (it contains 2 distinct high quality clocks to control my other converters) as well as monitor control (surprisingly robust and flexible there as well).
The starting lineup for converters will include the Eclipse for AD or DA, the Burl B2 ADC for AD, and the Lynx Aurora 16-VT for AD or DA. I feel pretty comfortable that I’ll like one of those choices for every project that comes through.
Now to calibrate and play with drivers.


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