Assembled Desk

This feels like a significant moment. I now have a place to work once the surrounding room is ready. It’s killing me not to load it up with gear, but I still have to get a floor down and it will be so much easier to move without 2-300 lbs of electronics in it.


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Buzz EQ

My equalizer arrived today. I had to get it out to see it but I can’t wait to keep it out and put audio through it. The room needs mostly finishing work at this point. My power conditioner should be here Monday. It is all so close.


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Making Progress

One corner of acoustical hanger bass control is complete. I hope to get the other rear corner completed today. Electric is run and will be hooked up tomorrow. Speakers are here. Amp arrives tomorrow. Cables within the week. The audio desk should ship today. I now have 10 bags of rock wool insulation taking up a substantial part of my work area, but once the electric is complete it will be filling the framing instead of my floor.
It’s coming together.


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Converters – check

With the arrival today of the Antelope Audio Eclipse 384, I can officially say I’m done thinking about converters for a while. Actually I can expand that to include clocking (it contains 2 distinct high quality clocks to control my other converters) as well as monitor control (surprisingly robust and flexible there as well).
The starting lineup for converters will include the Eclipse for AD or DA, the Burl B2 ADC for AD, and the Lynx Aurora 16-VT for AD or DA. I feel pretty comfortable that I’ll like one of those choices for every project that comes through.
Now to calibrate and play with drivers.


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PC Build (part 3, finis)

I got all of the components into a case today. They still work and everything is running as I had hoped. I installed Sequoia 12 and have that working as best as I can for now. There will be all kinds of tweaking and settings after I get the audio interfaces connected in, but so far so good.
The computer is super quiet just as I had hoped and I can only hear the optical drive when it is active. The rest of the time, it is like the computer isn’t even there. I hope everything else can work as planned as I progress through the buildout. This is a good omen for sure. It is overbuilt but not too crazy, and moderately complex (raid array to keep 2 copies of everything as I work, etc.) but no big surprises. Lets keep this working like I planned thing going.


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I came home to a great surprise for the day the PC became usable. Guess what I install tomorrow.


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PC Build (part 2)

Why wait for a case? I’m too excited about getting all this stuff as far along as I can as quickly as I can. The case should be here this afternoon, but everything is running and Win7 is getting installed now. There will be plenty of tweaking and modifying and configuring after the case gets here, but I’ll take every step forward I can find.
It’s getting closer.


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Acoustic Hangers Started

I sure hope the guys at SAE know what they’re doing. I’m just a little adhesive and some insulation on both sides of these away from what should be low frequency control in the back corners of the room.
I’ve made 6 for each side an they’ll be hidden behind fabric walls and strung up with twisted cabling. From what I’ve read, the panels will resonate with various frequencies and the insulation will convert that energy into head as it dampens the vibrations. I hope they work. We should know in a few weeks.

Low Frequency Control


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PC Build

I haven’t used anything besides a Mac for over a decade. It feels weird to be building a PC again. I’m really looking forward to Sequoia though.
Now to see how far I can get without a case.


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Open the Flood Gates

I would say things are starting to trickle in, but trickle is a gross understatement. My custom build PC is coming in 4 shipments (1 yesterday and 3 today). Behind that I’ll have 2 shipments for the TV and mount. Then a few PC accessories on Monday.
With financing being approved and the PO being cut, I should start getting my Vintage King order next week. That will be a mountain of 2 channel goodness. So now I watch FedEx and UPS tracking numbers all day and try not to sit on my porch salivating.
It’s getting more and more real.
I’m crazy excited!

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