New Framing

New framing is up. Next is a little more framing for the room treatment. After that we rough in electric and run the new 20 amp circuit. Then insulation. Then fabric. Then wall slats. Then furniture. Somewhere in there I need a floor.
So much to do.


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Blank (not clean) Slate

Junk pickup for the city is next week so I’ve taken a day off and cleared out the rubble from my last demolition day and gutted the rest of the panelling and slat ceiling. The room is nearly ready for new construction. I’ll be meeting with a contractor this weekend to discuss plans for the trapezoidal cuboid room and some of the construction techniques we need to use for sound/noise control.
After that, there won’t be too much time to rip out linoleum and clean everything before we start construction.
It’s feeling real.


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More Destruction

Took a few Sunday hours and ripped down some more walls and ceiling. We’re slowly but surely getting to the block walls that will form the outside room. It’s starting to feel like the blank slate I hoped I’d get to rather than the panelling covered 70’s mess of a room I started with.
While pulling down said panelling I found this little guy. He’s held up remarkably well for however long he’s been hiding in there.


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New Gear – B2 ADC & SHMC

I’m very excited to have pulled the trigger on some awesome pieces. I now have the Burl B2 ADC which will nicely complement the Lynx Aurora for converter options, as well as the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor.
I can’t wait to get to work with these things.


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This is the new home of Decibel Mastering.

Plans are being made. Rooms will be destroyed and reconstructed. Equipment will be bought and installed. Electricity will be rerouted. Sounds will travel through wires and air. Products that sound different will emerge. Those sounds will be louder, but they will also be better.

After all, that’s why you sent them right. They need to sound better, not just louder. If you wanted it to sound the same as when you last heard it, why would you have paid for mastering?

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