Brian has been recording since 1998 and started exploring mastering in 2010. After years of contemplation, planning, and saving, he opened a purpose-built mastering facility in 2013. He has worked with musicians from all over the world and in nearly every genre. Indie rock, pop rock, folk, bluegrass, punk rock, art rock, math rock, noise rock, blues, metal, thrash, hardcore, ambient, hip-hop,  jazz, slowcore, alt-country, post-punk, experimental rock, electronic, dub, classical, and chamber music have all been represented in his body of work.

You should probably know that Brian has a day job. This might impact his working hours for your project. Steering towards evenings and weekends usually works out just fine for musicians. It also allows rates to stay low since financial goals are superseded by artistic goals. As long as the studio can stay self-sufficient and not become a drain on personal finances, it has succeeded. It does not need to become an income generator. That doesn’t mean that you won’t get professional results. Brian is notoriously bad at taking on any project half heartedly. As a highly analytical perfectionist, you can be assured that every project will come out as well as it possibly can. Every detail will be stressed over and asked about. We won’t be finished with a project until you and Brian both agree that it is good as it can be.

Brian is a member of:
-Audio Engineering Society (so he can be even more nerdy about music)
-The Recording Academy (so your album can be submitted for a Grammy)