Single: $80
EP/Album: $50 per song
– Song here is used loosely and considering program material around 2-6 minutes in length and being fairly cohesive. If we’re talking shorter or longer stereo tracks or vastly different sections of a song, then we’ll find the right way to charge for it.

1 Reference disc included (additional discs at $10 per, or $0 for Dropbox/FTP/etc.)
2 Output formats included (additional formats at $20 per)

Formats available:
– Downloads (wav, mp3, Apple lossless, etc.)
– Vinyl pre-master (high resolution wav per vinyl side)
– Cassingle, music box drum, sheet music, you tell me (we’ll figure out a way)

Digital Conversion:
– Transfer from Cassette or DAT to digital files or CD @ $20 per tape/DAT
– If processing/remastering rates above will apply and conversion will be waived (conversion rate only applies for straight transfer with no processing)

Any shipping/packaging charges will be passed on to the customer with no mark-up.
Completed work will not be delivered until the balance is paid in full.
Revisions are cared for in initial pricing. If we can’t land on an acceptable revision, we’ll likely be talking about a bad fit for the project rather than executing endless revisions. I want both sides to be happy with the outcome of the project, and I’d rather refund and walk away than keep going in an endless revisions spiral that isn’t getting either of us anywhere. I trust we’ll be on the same page and settle in quickly, but if not, we’ll be open and honest about it.