In the interest of keeping costs down on both sides, I’ve been exploring as many new/innovative/weird payment technologies as possible.

While old fashioned cash and checks work out just fine, I also have a few non-PayPal digital payment methods that I’m comfortable accepting.

As a person related to the indie music world you have probably dealt with Square at some point. Maybe it was for your own merch sales, or maybe at a coffee shop while you were on the road. They offer a no-fee transaction service that will link to a debit card or recently credit cards. It’s called Cash and you can send me payments at$decibelmastering.

Another option that I’m working with is Bitcoins. While you may not be sitting on a Bitcoin stash, you can sign up for a wallet with Coinbase and link to a bank account or credit card. They can make deposits with good old fashioned US dollars or any number of other currencies. Then you would transfer payment through or I can send over an email invoice with links and all. Best part is fees less than 1% which beats out the 4-5% plus we would see elsewhere.
In the interest of full disclosure, if you sign up for a Coinbase wallet using one of these links and make a $100 deposit, we both get $10. Use these links…free money.

If it comes down to it and you are sitting on a PayPal balance that you’d like to use, that is totally acceptable, but if we can avoid giving them more money along the way, why not try to do so. It’s better for both of us.

If you have worked with me on a project and are unsure of the final charges please send me an email and we’ll set it straight before you use the options here. I can be reached at lueken [at]