Past Projects

My past work is a mix of live recordings, location recordings of a more traditional multi-take nature, and an expanding list of mastered projects. These are some of the artists I’ve worked with so far.

3 Second Kiss live mix
Anagnorisis master
Appalatin master
Ben Sollee live mix master
Big Wheel live mix
Bonnie Prince Billy & the Cairo Gang live mix
Brandon Coleman Quartet master
Bush League live mix
Cerebellum live mix
Colliseum live mix
Corey Brumback master
Dan Bryan master
D’Arkestra master
D.W. Box live mix
Dysphoria master
Egret location mix master
Endpoint live mix
Face Value live mix
Gold Jacket Club live mix
Indignant Few live mix
Interstates live mix
Jaye Jayle master
JK Mabry master
Jonathon Glen Wood master
Jubalsont master
Julie of the Wolves master
King’s Daughters and Sons live mix
Liberation Prophecy live location mix master
Low live mix
Lucero live mix
Lucky Pineapple live mix
Minnow live mix
Municipal Waste live mix
Nick Dittmeier master
Norah Jones live mix master
Parlour live mix
PC Worship master
Rachel Grimes live location mix master
Russian Circles live mix
Second Story Man live mix
Seluah live mix
Shannon Wright live mix
She Keeps Bees live mix
Shedding live mix
Shellac live mix
Shipping News live mix
Siberia location
Skeleton Witch live mix
Son of Dog live mix
Stereo Empire master
Stone Iris master
Straight A’s live mix
Sunspring live mix
Tender Mercy master
The Frontier(s) live mix
The Love Story live mix
The Web live mix
Tyrone Cotton live mix master
Ultrapulverize live mix
Vasconcellos and Gardiner master
Vice Tricks master
Violet Knives master
Wax Fang live mix
Will Oldham live mix master
Young Widows live mix
Zach Longoria Project master