Project Interconnectedness

Is that a word? Interconnectedness? It’s not getting autocorrected so I’m going with it. 

I’ve got a new project on the way from a band called Projector (or PRJCTR to stay away from in-use names on iTunes). It was a lot of fun to make and I played the role of producer on this one versus just mastering or just recording. The songs are all Zack (ex-Nerves Junior) and the band (Chris and Greg), but we were all in the same place sonically affording me some fun in additional sounds and treatments along the way. We recorded in West Point over the long weekend of July 4th last year in the oldest brick house in the city built by the town’s founder on the confluence of the Salt and Ohio Rivers. 

As I was connecting all the dots on how this project came to be and whatever it becomes as we collectively move forward, I started considering the sheer number of projects I’ve been involved in with and the luck that my path has intersected and intertwined through the years with some amazing musicians. The diverse music history and continuing talent exposed by this city and those it connects with are amazing to me. I’ve worked with idols because of this place and consider myself extraordinarily lucky to have the musical resume I have. It certainly isn’t marketing skills and doesn’t feel like any magical ears or some innate musical or sound tweaking talent. I’m eternally grateful to have stumbled into some of these situations and wanted to share how they happened. 

If nothing else my daughter will one day understand just what her dad was doing in the basement those afternoons and evenings and can appreciate why I’ve put time and money into such things even though it has never “replaced the day job”. 

Two people from the vast talent pool that has called Louisville home rise to the top of causing some of my most memorable projects. Over the course of this stream of consciousness series of blog posts, I hope to convey my appreciation for them and if it seems coherent enough to continue, I’ll ramble past into the rest of my musical world.  

In the coming posts, I’ll share my eternal gratitude for the late great Jason Noble and the brilliant and giant-hearted Jacob Duncan. Without those two guys, I wouldn’t have the resume I have today and I’d simply be the nerdy IT guy I play during the work weeks. 

Stay tuned. You’ll at least get some interesting music links from it. 

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Hello 2016!

Facebook reminded me this morning that 3 years ago, I had an empty room.

Today we have my 81st project being worked through the analog rig. We’ve got 3 albums on WFPK’s top local releases from 2015. We’ve got a wide variety of albums and projects coming through and some new gear ideas that I’ve pushed off for a while that just might happen in the early part of 2016.

For those that have made their way through with a project, thank you for your support. For those that haven’t made it in yet, I’m looking forward to working with you.

Let’s make even more in 2016!

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Ben Sollee and Mother Falcon

They’re about to start a tour together and used a video for a song I mastered in the promo email. I’d forgotten about doing this song because at the time I was rushing off to vacation and had just finished up working on a recording project with Ben. Weird having this cool little Daft Punk cover pop back into my life after having lost it. 

Enjoy the video: Lose Yourself to Dance

Enjoy that record from the cabin: Hollow Sessions

Go somewhere and enjoy the tour: Referenced leg starts with the Louisville October show

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Jaye Jayle | Pull Me Back to Hell / Evil Windows

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Antelope 10M

So I’ve really enjoyed the Antelope converters in the mastering rig with the Eclipse 384, and even sold off my Lynx Aurora to get an Orion 32 for the recording rig. This has been on the wish list for a long time and I finally made the leap. We now have even more accurate clocking and the imaging and depth that comes with it.

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Stone Iris | Grand National

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Liberation Living Room

I’ve posted a bit about this on my personal Facebook page, but I wanted to share it over here as well. More episodes are on their way, but here are the 2 that are out for now.
What a fun project…I’m lucky to have been asked to handle audio duties for this kids’ web series. Check it out and subscribe to the channel so you can get to our amazing upcoming episodes as well.

Liberation Living Room | Will Oldham

Liberation Living Room | Ben Sollee

Update with Episode 3 (Oct 2013)
Liberation Living Room | Rachel Grimes

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